At Sullivan Signature Homes, each step of planning and building your new home is carefully thought out. A pre-defined building process makes it easier for you, our customer, to know how the project is developing. State-of-the-art scheduling software is used by Sullivan to provide you a dynamic look at estimated project completion dates.

Some of the steps include:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Design Phase – Available for questions/consultation
  • Final Plans – Approval
  • Release of Construction Drawings
  • Estimate
  • Contract Award
  • Interim Loan Closing
  • HOA Approval/Permitting
  • Construction Kick-off – Site Preparation
  • Various Construction Phase Walk-throughs
  • Weekly Meetings/Consultations
  • Final Walk-through/Acceptance
  • Key Ceremony/Closeout
  • Warranty Commencement
Upon selection of Sullivan Signature Homes as your preferred builder, you will see that we are always there with you through each phase of the project. During construction, you will deal directly with Paul Sullivan and his team, giving you fast, accurate information about our progress. You will be involved with decisions and building methods employed. This gives you the confidence and peace-of-mind to know the job is done right. You will see your investment with Sullivan Signature Homes evolve into the dream home you expect and desire.